Rolladen Schneider LS-7: VH-XJB

ls7-RMG015Single seat, 15m standard class glider

The LS-7 offers a level of performance close to that of the latest gliders. Even with this performance, it is pleasant to fly, with a very good roll rate.

VH-XJB has just been fitted with new instruments: a LXNAV LX8000 glide computer (vario and GPS navigation system) and an Xcom VHF radio. The LS-7 has a tail ballast tank, which allows a desired C of G position to be set. Yes Sarah, it has winglets.


Best glide is 1:43 at 57 knots

Standard class: wingspan 15 m, retractable main wheel, winglets.
Wing Area: 9.73 m²
Maximum weight: 486 kg
Minimum pilot weight: 70 kg
Maximum pilot weight: 112 kg
Maximum water ballast: 100 kg. 5.5 kg ballast in tailfin
Wing loading range: up to 50 kg/m²

A review of the LS-7

LS-7 Handling Notes (MS Word, 70 kB)

Manual for LX8000 Glide Computer PDF, 3.2 MB

Manual for Xcom VHF Radio, PDF, 2.8 MB